Medical Practice & Natural Medicine in Manasquan, New Jersey

Natural Medicine in Manasquan, NJ

Hormone Replacement for Men & Women

Let us help you feel more energetic, lose weight, and experience a pain free life with hormone replacement therapy. We offer treatment for men and women.

Weight Loss featuring the HCG DIET

From weight loss programs such as the HCG Diet program, we help you look your absolute best. Our holistic medical weight loss programs help you lose weight the healthy way.  We include B12 injections and MIC injections which boost metabolism and break down fat cells.

Metabolic Medicine

With metabolic medicine from our practice, you'll feel better inside and out. We provide evaluations to find trends for diabetes, heart disease, and more to help balance your hormones and optimize your internal health.


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When you come to our practice, you're in the hands of an experienced doctor and nurse practitioner. Learn more about our staff, and read a testimonial from one of our satisfied patients.

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About Us

Improve Health Solutions is a medical practice with locations in Manasquan, New Jersey, and New York, New York. We specialize in hormone replacement, weight loss, and metabolic natural medicine. When you've had enough of living the same way and achieving no results, come to our practice, where we view you as an individual, customizing treatment for you based on your hormone balance and other factors.

Unlike most practices that use conventional medicine, we use natural medicine. The problem with conventional medicine is that it views each patient as a group of symptoms. For each symptom, a pill is given to extinguish it. Many times, a medication's side effects produce more side effects and symptoms that need more pills.

Each person often has an underlying cause that produces problems. As a functional, anti-aging practice, we search for the root cause of your discomfort. There is often an imbalance of your hormonal or nutritional status. The holistic treatments that we perform improve your overall health and give you more energy and a renewed zest for life.

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